High Efficiency Air Conditioners

April 24, 2016
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High Efficiency Air Conditioning

During the summertime, the only day that we don’t enjoy air conditioning is the day the electric bill arrives. Older air conditioning systems came at a steep cost. They were truly energy hogs. However,High Efficiency Air Conditioners by ecobuilthvac.com technology has advanced and by installing an air conditioning system that is more efficient because of technological advances, substantial savings in energy can be obtained.The SEER rating refers to the efficiency at which air conditioners operate. SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which is the number of BTUs of cool air produced divided by the number of watts used to produce the cooling. The efficiency of an air conditioner improves as the SEER rises.A SEER rating below 10 is commonly found in older air conditioning systems. It’s not unusual to find SEER ratings approaching 23 in the most efficient systems for air conditioning manufactured today. A minimum SEER rating of 13 is now required for all air conditioning systems made since 2005 for residential use in the United States. However, the SEER ratings remain close to 10 for window units since they are not covered under this law. A yellow and black Energy Guide sticker shows the SEER rating. It can be found on the air conditioner’s outside unit.Why the right High Efficiency Air Conditioners is so important - ecobuilthvac.com

Money Savings

How much money and energy can be saved by switching to a more efficient modern model in place of your old air conditioner? Let’s calculate the savings. Your older model may have a SEER rating of 9. Upgrading to the lowest possible efficiency now available means you would upgrade to a SEER 13. Power consumption would immediately drop by 28%. Depending upon the cost of electricity in your area plus your usage rate, you could save up to $300 per year on your electric bill.To locate a qualified technician today, use the navigation tool located above. However, you can call 855-326-1096 today to find an area contractor or to learn more about high-efficiency AC units.


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