Thermostat Installation

April 23, 2016


At its most basic, a thermostat thermostat is a device for automatically maintaining the temperature of your home. It uses sensors to check the indoor temperature and activate heating or cooling systems as appropriate. A thermostat that’sThermostat Installation by in good working order will ensure that your air conditioners, heaters, and furnaces operate at maximum efficiency.

Thermostat Controls

In order to hold your home at a constant temperature, thermostats need to be linked to both your cooling and your heating equipment. Because these two types of equipment are typically located far apart (heaters are inside in a central location while air conditioners are outside), a thermostat installation may require extensive wiring work. This can increase the cost of the installation significantly.

Replacing A Thermostat Vs. Installing A New One

Depending on the existing state of your wiring, installing a thermostat in a new location may require running new wires to your home’s central electrical panel, your heater, and your air conditioner. If any of these areas are particularly hard to access, the new thermostat can cost more to install.
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Features Of Modern Thermostats

Most modern thermostats feature basic programming features. This allows you to set automated changes in the temperature of your home, improving both the efficiency and comfort of your heating and cooling systems. More advanced models that can do more often require additional wiring during installation. For instance, thermostats that respond to external weather conditions may require the installation of a sensor outside your home.

Where You Should Buy Thermostats

Thermostats are sold at most home centers and hardware stores. Electricians and general contractors can also supply thermostats to meet your needs.

Planning Out An Installation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be installing a thermostat to replace a dysfunctional unit, to upgrade your existing heating and cooling systems, or to finish off a brand new system. Your thermostat’s final cost will depend on the features of the model you’ve selected, the site you’ve chosen, and the amount of wiring required to install the thermostat properly. Discuss your needs and desires with your installer to make sure you’re getting what you want.
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