High Efficiency Air Conditioners

April 23, 2016

Central Air Conditioner And Energy Efficiency

Today all of the central air conditioning units sold come with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating — a SEER. SEER targets are regularly set by the government; the current minimum standard for SEER is 13. Due to inconsistencies in the regulationsHigh Efficiency Air Conditioners by ecobuilthvac.com applied to air conditioners, though, manufacturers are allowed to sell SEER-13 units as “”high efficiency”” air conditioners. SEER ratings tend to climb over time as air conditioning equipment gets more efficient. Energy efficiency has improved by 50 to 75 percent in just the past five years. There are several high efficiency air conditioners available today that can achieve SEER scores of 23. You can locate a contractor in Centennial capable of providing you with your rating by searching our network of HVAC contractors.

When an air conditioner nears the end of its service life, its efficiency drops precipitously. The reduced energy cost of running a brand new high-efficiency unit is often enough to justify replacing the old air conditioner. Consumers should always check for the EPA / ENERGY STAR label when buying air conditioners from a retailer. Most (but not all) sellers will make sure the label is prominent on all units that are ENERGY STAR compliant. You can also check the EnergyGuide label (the yellow one) to review a given models EER scores.

The Limits Of Efficiency

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One point to keep in mind is that the efficiency figures assigned to a given unit apply only to that specific piece of equipment. There are many other points in an air conditioning system where damage or wear can reduce overall efficiency. Simple leaks in a home’s ductwork can cut down the efficiency of an A/C system by up to 30 percent. Virtually all duct systems that have not received intensive sealing leak. This is the case even in brand-new construction. There are a number of other conditions that can reduce efficiency significantly. Examples include unwanted recirculation, improper refrigerant loads, and dirty coils inside or outside the home. Installing an oversized central air conditioning unit can also lead to inefficiency; check out the section on sizing a unit correctly when replacing it. To find a contractor in Centennial Colorado you can use our search tool to locate a contractor in your area.

Knowing Every Time A System Should Be Replaced

When your air conditioner gets old you start wondering whether or not it will last through another summer. Once you start having these kinds of doubts, it’s time to arrange for a consultation with a professional to find out just how much time your A/C system has left.



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