Ductless Mini Splits

April 23, 2016

An Overview Of Ductless Mini Splits

There are two components in a mini-split system: An outdoor condenser and one or more units that handle air indoors. No ducts are involved. Instead, a conduit is used to connect the components. Ductless Mini Splits are a great option for residence in theImportance of proper Ductless Mini Splits in Buena Park - ecobuilthvac.com Buena Park area.

Heat Pump

A heat pump works similarly to a refrigerator. In order to move heat from one location to another, electricity is used to pump refrigerant. The heating mode of a heat pump involves the transfer of heat into the house from the outdoors. The air conditioning mode transfers heat to the outside from within the home.

Both heating and cooling can be provided with a mini split system. A single condenser located outside can hook up to four indoor handling units. Each of the inside units are designed to heat and cool a single zone or room.

Something To Consider

You may want to considerEcobuilt provides Ductless Mini Splits in Buena Park California - ecobuilthvac.com installing this type of system in these places:

1 Homes that previously had an electric baseboard or radiant heating and that are not equipped with ductwork. Four indoor air handlers can be operated by a single outdoor condenser which means that one mini-split system can control up to four zones/rooms on an individual basis.

2 Rooms that are rarely used. You can save money by closing the door and turning off the mini-split system.

3 Outbuildings or additions where it is not feasible to install or extend ductwork.

4 Spaces where ductwork might be exposed to temperatures that are more harsh such as unfinished basements, attics, garages, and other unconditioned areas.

Ecobuilt Ductless Mini Splits in Buena Park California - ecobuilthvac.com

Ductless Mini Splits

There are no ducts used in mini splits. which means that less energy is lost (estimated at 20-30%) when compared to forced air systems that use duct work to transfer heat. Some mini splits come as freestanding units while others can be hung on ceilings or walls.

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