Heat Pump Repair

April 23, 2016

Help Guide To Understanding Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps have long been a favorite in particular climates where they can function effectively. If temperatures are too low, a heat pump will seize up and cease functioning until the temperatures warm up. They are fairly energy efficient because they use the air aroundImportance of proper Heat Pump Repair in Bakersfield - ecobuilthvac.com them to condition or heat the air.

The low long-term cost a heat pump works at can drastically reduce heating bills and decrease a household’s carbon footprint. They are comparatively simple when sized up against other heating systems, but they do require regular maintenance and upkeep.

It is best to have the heat pump given regular maintenance twice a year. A lot of companies provide a flat annual fee to sign up for regular maintenance. In return, the heating and air company’s technicians will inspect the heat pump and condenser, change the filter if it needs it and lubricate parts that need it.

In return for loyalty, your heating and air service company may provide a discount on services and parts should you need repair or replacement. It also means you will not be struggling to find a repair professional you can trust in case the machine breaks down in the dead of an ice storm or at the peak of a heat wave.
The cold weather can be rough on the heat pumpĂ­s condenser. The reason is that the fan blades need to move to move air for heating and cooling the home. The heat pump itself is inside the home, usually in a utility closet. When you have problems with your heat pump, check the condenser first, especiallyEcobuilt provides Heat Pump Repair in Bakersfield California - ecobuilthvac.com if it is snowing or icy outside. You can always call your repair company to come out to repair and inspect the unit. But first, make sure it is not just frozen from freezing rain.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant that heat pumps rely upon to transfer heat from the exterior to interior air may leak. The lines that carry refrigerant can get damaged and leak, especially as the system ages. You might notice it because the heat pump will usually become noticeably less efficient while being rather ineffective at cooling or heating the air. Call a professional in Bakersfieldfor this problem, because refrigerant is both an environmental hazard and can cause personal harm. Keeping up with maintenance twice a year will help reduce problems with refrigerant leaks because your heating and air professional may catch this problem before it becomes an issue.

Blower Motor Burnout

The blower on the heat pump itself has a motor that pushes the conditioned air into your home’s duct work. Getting regular maintenance ensures that the motor is working properly and can handle the normal strain of operation.

Improper Cycling

Ecobuilt Heat Pump Repair in Bakersfield California - ecobuilthvac.com

Heat pumps periodically click on and off to maintain a balance of the heated air throughout your home. If it is not doing so at regular intervals, it could be a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat controls the system. Calibration or electrical issues can cause the thermostat to stop working properly. If the thermostat is a problem the technician may need to simply upgrade to a different thermostat. This is a fix that can make a difference.

Having an experienced maintenance professional come look at the system twice per year is a way to ensure optimal performance through cold ice and snow storms and during the height of the hottest days. From there you may be able to enjoy the best repair and replacement service when the heat pump components do wear out.



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