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April 24, 2016
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Installing An Air Conditioning Unit

The initial step towards a successful air conditioning installation is always the development of an appropriate system design. The overall size and layout of the home needs to be used to calculate the running load required from the A/C system. Without good designImportance of proper AC Installation work, an A/C system could fail to cool all parts of the home evenly, resulting in warm or humid spots. Efficient contractors always follow the basic principles to run load calculations when they design systems.

There can be more to the design process than just sizing the main equipment correctly. The air distribution system also needs to be designed with fine detail in order to provide optimal air flow. Every portion of the ductwork needs to be double-strapped for stability and every joint really should be sealed. Sagging or bent ducts canDoing AC Installation the right way! lower overall air flow.

AC Basics

No matter the complexity of the A/C equipment, it operates according to a few basic principles. Refrigeration is a cyclical process that starts with pumping refrigerant into the compressor at reduced pressure. It exits as a pressurized gas and flows to the condenser. The condenser fan chills the refrigerant and turns it back to a liquid. Warm indoor air is pulled over the evaporator by the blower unit and thermal energy is absorbed by the cool refrigerant. The chilled air is returned to the home by means of the supply ductwork.

AC Installation Contractors

Ecobuilt HVAC’s network of service contractors can professionally handle all parts of the air conditioning work, not just installation. Our internal network of service contractors give support of your A/C system after the installation process has been completed. They can provide scheduled maintenance visits and fix damage whenever it occurs. With our assistance, and theirs, you can be sure of receiving many years of useful service out of your A/C equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about the installation of air conditioning units, or would like to locate a service technician in capable of completing the installation of your A/C unit please check out
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AC Installation

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